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You&YourBest© ist ein Spezial-Weiterbildungskurs für ausgebildete Physiotherapeut*innen aus der AcademyonTour-Series. Das Ziel ist eine interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit zwischen Gesundheitsberufen und Künstlern.

Nächster Kursstart

Neue Kurstermine folgen hier in Kürze.

  • Curriculum (extraction)
    The curriculum of the Preventive Dance Medical Dance Pedagogy© includes in theory and practice: basic principles of pedagogical studies, dance science and research applied dance medicine, anatomy, physiology, patho-physiology, kinesiology in relevance for dance teachers practical and theoretical principles of dance medicine and safe dance practice dietetics, neuroscience, psychology, first aid, dance history in relevance for teachers developing teacher’s skills management: administration and organisation of stage production, curriculum and training programmes/schedules summer-intensive-school for teachers applied literature, art history, and applied and historical musicology for dance teachers legal rights for dance instructors ... and many more The study can be managed extra occupationally.
  • Scope
    lectures in Vienna and Styria, mostly as block seminars applied preventive dance medicine (implementation and practical teaching of dance medical and scientific basics for dance teachers) injury prevention and performance enhancement pedagogy, neuropsychology anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology in and for all dance styles fundamentals of nutritional science and related aspects neuroscience psychology dance history music theory literary history & Art history to an extent relevant for teachers legal foundations and law for the profession of dance teachers video analysis & feedback communication praxis teaching (preparing and teaching classes, stage productions) management intensive summer week scientific research and presentation special topics of preventive dance medical Dance Pedagogy© and their connection with performance enhancement and injury prevention (excerpt:) science as the basis of dance training and education fitness in dance neuromuscular warm-up in dance motivation motivational climate breathing in dance pelvic floor and performance enhancement dance technique screening … and many more
  • Admission procedure
    To keep up the highest quality of education, the Academy accepts no more than 10 students. Submission of application documents, entrance examinations and aptitude interviews determine admission by the team. Please contact us and ask for the application documents:
  • Monthly costs
    October – January (term 1) and March – June (term 2): 390 € per month February: 240 € (intensive seminars and lecture blocks) summer-intensive-school: 390 € (excl. board and lodging, travel) Please contact our office for the full curriculum:
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