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logo Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine, Austria

Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine, Austria – Only a Maximum of Health allows a Maximum of Performance!

Unique Courses 4 Unique People

preventive dance medical Dance Pedagogy© – 4-year diploma course

You want to teach dance and are looking for ways to guide your dancers to their individual peak performance while protecting their (and your own!) health? Then you've come to the right place. The unique system of preventive dance medical Dance Pedagogy© (pdmDP©) turns dance pedagogy into an evidence-based science for all dance styles (ballet, modern, jazz, show dance, urban etc.). In an empowering motivational climate and an interactive team, you will learn how to practically install the latest scientific findings in dance pedagogy, dance medicine, science of training, neuro-/psychology and much more, and how to identify, acknowledge, promote and train the individuality of your dancers. pdmDP© – We Empower Teachers that They Can Empower Their Dancers!

Us&OurBest© – crash course in preventive dance medical Dance Pedagogy©

Are you already a dance teacher or are you considering taking up this wonderful profession? Are you looking for holistic, evidence-based ways to open doors and gates for your dancers – and for yourself! – to individual and healthy performance enhancement? The fusion between dance medicine, dance sciences and dance pedagogy is what you need: preventive dance medical Dance Pedagogy© (pdmDP©) opens up new ways of teaching and learning. The short course Us&OurBest© provides an introduction to the subject and leads teachers and dancers to new ways of improving performance and preventing injuries in an inseparable “economy pack” of sciences and dance practice. pdmDP© – We Empower Teachers that They Can Empower Their Dancers!

Me&MyBest© – Dance Medicine & Dance Science for Professional Dancers

Are you a professional dancer looking for ways to improve your performance, want to learn about evidence-based training options, injury prevention or coping skills for stress- and mind-management? Then you need Me&MyBest©, the course for professional dancers of all dance styles that shows you how your brain works, what your body needs, why your individuality counts in planning of training, biomechanics, performance enhancement and injury prevention! Take a look how your colleagues around the world have benefited from Me&MyBest©! We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

You&YourBest© – Interprofessional Dance Medicine for Physiotherapists

Are you a physical therapist working with dancers and dance professionals? Would you like to collaborate with other experts at eye level, experience and learn to inspire intrinsic motivation for health-promoting behavior and proactive self-care? Then you need You&YourBest©, the continuing education program for healthcare professionals who want to experience and install interactive, collaborative learning among experts of various backgrounds as an evidence-based approach to long-term health. We look forward to having you on board!

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