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The Importance of Prevention – Podcasts RED-S

“Knowledge is Power” is one of the most important assets in the prevention of injuries and illness in dance. Only somebody who knows the mechanisms behind dancers' injuries and illnesses has a chance to proactively prevent them.

The Academy of Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine, Austria, is thus cooperating with many institutions and societies with the shared goal to empower people through knowledge which can be implemented into dance practice.

The Society for Pediatric Sports Medicine is one of the partners who sought the collaboration with the Academy. The president interviewed Dr. Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, principal of the Academy, on RED-S, Relative Energy Deficiency-Syndrome, a severe but common health condition in pre-/professional dance of all styles. The team set out to spread the information in order to prevent RED-S in dance and enable those working with dancers to make informed decisions. The 3-part-podcast may help to recognize potential risk factors and eliminate them early on in order to proactively prevent and treat RED-S in dance.

Part 1 explains the most essential basics on RED-S, Part 2 refers to anamnesis, therapy and prevention of RED-S, and Part 3 puts the focus on prevention based on teamwork for the dancer:

Podcast Interview Dr. Kaufmann Nummer 1, Grundlagen RED-S Relatives Energiedefizit-Syndrom

Podcast Interview Dr. Kaufmann Nummer 2, Anamnese, Therapie & Prävention RED-S Relatives Energiedefizit-Syndrom

Podcast Interview Dr. Kaufmann Nummer 3, Fokus Prävention als Teamwork RED-S Relatives Energiedefizit-Syndrom

BET Education Development Dance

Judith-Elisa Kaufmann is co-creator of the platform "Education Development Dance" (German: Bildungs Entwicklung Tanz), which strives to stress the importance of education in dance, education through dance and the co-development of dance and education.

Judith-Elisa Kaufmann in an interview on BET - Bildung Entwicklung Tanz here to listen.

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