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Me&MyBest© is an international online course for professional company- and freelance dancers in English language. It is part of the AcademyOnTour-Series. If you want to learn how you yourself can enhance your performance while you prevent your own injuries, then this is your course. The 10-days and 11-lectures-course is designed as such that it is manageable next to your enormous workload, and terminates with a certificate, if you wish to do so (see course description). Me&MyBest© 2024 takes place on 5 Sundays and 5-block days in July on request of dancers to facilitate their attendance. Here you can download the details for the course 2024, April 7th to October 6th.

Individual Dancer & Companies

Me&MyBest© can be booked by dancers themselves, but it is also available for companies, academies, schools etc. Participation of whole companies, groups, or school classes will be charged as a flat rate depending on the number of participants and conditions. Please contact our office ( if this is of interest for you. We are happy to tailor your personal best experience.

Course 2024 is SOLD OUT. New course starts coming soon!

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure our high quality and wish to care for the individual dancer, we have restricted numbers of participants in each course run. Make sure to book your course soon before we are sold out.

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  • Curriculum (extraction)
    The curriculum of the Preventive Dance Medical Dance Pedagogy© includes in theory and practice: basic principles of pedagogical studies, dance science and research applied dance medicine, anatomy, physiology, patho-physiology, kinesiology in relevance for dance teachers practical and theoretical principles of dance medicine and safe dance practice dietetics, neuroscience, psychology, first aid, dance history in relevance for teachers developing teacher’s skills management: administration and organisation of stage production, curriculum and training programmes/schedules summer-intensive-school for teachers applied literature, art history, and applied and historical musicology for dance teachers legal rights for dance instructors ... and many more The study can be managed extra occupationally.
  • Scope
    lectures in Vienna and Styria, mostly as block seminars applied preventive dance medicine (implementation and practical teaching of dance medical and scientific basics for dance teachers) injury prevention and performance enhancement pedagogy, neuropsychology anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology in and for all dance styles fundamentals of nutritional science and related aspects neuroscience psychology dance history music theory literary history & Art history to an extent relevant for teachers legal foundations and law for the profession of dance teachers video analysis & feedback communication praxis teaching (preparing and teaching classes, stage productions) management intensive summer week scientific research and presentation special topics of preventive dance medical Dance Pedagogy© and their connection with performance enhancement and injury prevention (excerpt:) science as the basis of dance training and education fitness in dance neuromuscular warm-up in dance motivation motivational climate breathing in dance pelvic floor and performance enhancement dance technique screening … and many more
  • Admission procedure
    To keep up the highest quality of education, the Academy accepts no more than 10 students. Submission of application documents, entrance examinations and aptitude interviews determine admission by the team. Please contact us and ask for the application documents:
  • Monthly costs
    October – January (term 1) and March – June (term 2): 390 € per month February: 240 € (intensive seminars and lecture blocks) summer-intensive-school: 390 € (excl. board and lodging, travel) Please contact our office for the full curriculum:

Check out what people say about our programs (Click on the pictures for the video feedback.):

Giulia Frosi

“I wanna spend a couple words to say how grateful I am for Me&MyBest©. This course has initiated a beautiful journey of discovery and learning and it has given me the tools to improve my wellbeing as an athlete and as a performer.  So, I truly recommend it to any aspiring and professional dancer out there. It will spark so much curiosity, it will give you so much knowledge. And knowledge is power. So go on, find out more, dive into it and enjoy! […]

Attending this course has opened my mind, new paths of thought have taken place and I feel more in control of my career as a professional ballet dancer. There is so much knowledge to make treasure of to be healthier and to feel empowered as an athlete/artist. Thank you for the great energy and inspiration!”

Giulia Frosi, Stuttgarter Ballett (Photo: Ian Whalen)

Marina Zhukovskaya

“I can’t be thankful enough for the course Us&OurBest which I have done recently with Judith-Elisa Kaufmann. It changed completely my awareness, understanding, as for a professional dancer of my body, an importance of injury prevention and just understanding why and how to stay healthy during the whole ballet career. Judith-Elisa is just so motivating with all her knowledge which is so enriching and nurturing for everyone out there who want to become at teacher and to make that change and to raise a very healthy and motivated generation of dancers who knows how to take care of them, how to self-care, and to stand for their right as well. So, thank you so much for making that change and for sharing that knowledge. And I would only recommend to everyone to take that course!”

Marina Zhukovskaya, Demi soloist Czech National Ballet Prague, Czech Republic

“Judith-Elisa, first of all I would like to thank you for that I met you which enriching my dance career and my normal life. Your open heart and open mind teaching skills pulling my never-ending curiosity. To everyone: I have had an incredible time and fun with Judith-Elisa. Her lectures have been empowering me and my beloved ones. She is a woman with personality, charisma and knowledge […] and bring us today her fantastic work, researches and lectures. I am very grateful that I met her. She enriches my dancing career and my normal life. All I wish that I have meet her earlier. Now I would like to express my feelings towards the ones [who] need help, go and meet Judith-Elisa, check her website out. You will benefit from her.”

Duosi Zhu, First Soloist Semper Opera Ballet, Dresden, Germany

Chiara Scarrone

“Why Me&MyBest© … Well, it is already in the title. The first word you can read is “Me”. So finally, this is a course where the priority is YOU! And after, with the knowledge and the patience of Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, you will receive so many informations, your approach will change completely at work … […] So, if you want to love yourself, if you want to meet new people, if you want to have fun, and if you want to share with them, knowledge and information, then I would say: do it, have fun – and for my personal experience, you will feel so powerful as a person after this course and this is really important in our job, in our career …”

Chiara Scarrone, Semperoper Dresden

Emily Overturf

 “Hi my name is Emily Overturf I’m a dance teacher in Germany and I recently participated in the course Us&OurBest from Dr. Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, I can say that this course has really changed the way I approach teaching and the way I view my students The course goes very in depth about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, but also the brain of our students, and we as educators can promote the best learning environment for each student. This is something I have never really heard addressed in teacher training programs before and the depth of knowledge you gain from this course is something that is really unique. You are not just memorizing body parts, you are not just talking about what proper alignment is, but you are going into the studio, you are working with it and you are preparing yourself to carry this knowledge with you for the rest of your teaching career. I also say an added benefit of it is that my own technique has changed, my own alignment has changed and my own neuromuscular control and awareness of my body has changed. So, I can highly recommend this course for dancers, dance educators, anybody who is going to be involved with dance and specially those who are going to be transmitting information in the dance world. I think it’s not just nice information to have but it’s actually necessary information to have. I’d like to thank Dr Kaufmann for her work with us and her energy and I would like to recommend this course to whoever I can. Thank you!”

Emily Overturf, dancer, teacher, choreographer, Germany

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