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If science is allowed to become the servant of the art of dance, performance, creativity, artistic expression and health of dance teachers and dancers alike will increase through the recognition and promotion of each dancer’s individuality.

(Dr. Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, 2008)

The Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine was founded in 2002 by Dr. Judith-Elisa Kaufmann and officially established after a test run in 2005. Since then, Judith-Elisa Kaufmann and her team have been teaching the unique curricula of all courses internationally at universities, schools, academies, theaters, ensembles and many more around the world.

The uniqueness of the courses lies in the fact that dance medicine and dance sciences form the basis of all dance styles and dance pedagogical studies, instead of only being a minor aspect somewhere in a training curriculum. In this way, individual health and performance enhancement can be guaranteed for dancers and dance teachers based on evidence, while their injuries are also inseparably prevented.

All, dance teachers, those who want to become dance teachers and dancers learn how to improve the performance and health of their dancers and/or themselves in an empowering, self-determination-promoting motivational climate. The courses have established themselves worldwide and help countless participants every day to achieve the highest quality of motivation and enjoyment of their work through knowledge based on collaborative learning. Self-care, performance enhancement and injury prevention are experienced directly and in all daily routines through the fusion of dance medicine, training science, neuro-/psychology with dance pedagogy or dance in all styles.

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