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The synergy between the sciences of dance medicine and dance pedagogy results in Preventive Dance Medical Dance Pedagogy©. Us&OurBest – Preventive Dance Medical Dance Pedagogy© onTour is part of this Academy's onTour Series. It is a basic course for teachers-to-be, dancers who want to train as future pedagogues or ballet masters, or pedagogues who are already working in their profession and want to know how to extend their knowledge to increase their own performance as well as the performance of their dances.

The synergy between dance pedagogy and dance medicine enables teachers, ballet masters and choreographers to guide their dancers towards healthy, safe dance technique and approaches to training and performance. The teacher(-to-be) learns how to create a healthy body and a healthy mind in their dancers by practically applying dance medicine and dance science. Evidence-based approaches to education, training and performance through empowering motivational climates as well as training sciences results in killing two birds with one stone: The dancer's performance can reach their individual best while their injuries are being prevented, all in one go.

Moreover, this course also shines a light on the health and wellbeing of the teacher, pedagogue, or master themselves. What can teachers do to support their own health, how can they deal with injuries and/or age and the burden of the teaching profession? How can an empowering motivational climate they create for their dancers boost their own inspiration, motivation, and health?

The curriculum of the Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine, Austria, is unique. So is Us&OurBest Preventive Dance Medical Dance Pedagogy© onTour, providing teachers with knowledge on dance medicine and science for practical implementation for their dancers as well as their own best – Us&OurBest©.

Us&OurBest Preventive Dance Medical Dance Pedagogy© onTour is available for individual participants, schools, or companies. Please contact our office ( that we can tailor your course for the needs of your institution. Us&OurBest Preventive Dance Medical Dance Pedagogy© onTour is available in German and English language, for teachers in vocational dance education programs as well as teachers of amateur schools and groups.

Next Course Start April 2024: SOLD OUT

The course starting April 2024 is sold out. New course data for autumn 2024 and 2025 will be coming soon.

Please note that we only work in small groups to ensure our high quality, register as long as there are course places available!

  • Curriculum (extraction)
    The curriculum of the Preventive Dance Medical Dance Pedagogy© includes in theory and practice: basic principles of pedagogical studies, dance science and research applied dance medicine, anatomy, physiology, patho-physiology, kinesiology in relevance for dance teachers practical and theoretical principles of dance medicine and safe dance practice dietetics, neuroscience, psychology, first aid, dance history in relevance for teachers developing teacher’s skills management: administration and organisation of stage production, curriculum and training programmes/schedules summer-intensive-school for teachers applied literature, art history, and applied and historical musicology for dance teachers legal rights for dance instructors ... and many more The study can be managed extra occupationally.
  • Scope
    lectures in Vienna and Styria, mostly as block seminars applied preventive dance medicine (implementation and practical teaching of dance medical and scientific basics for dance teachers) injury prevention and performance enhancement pedagogy, neuropsychology anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology in and for all dance styles fundamentals of nutritional science and related aspects neuroscience psychology dance history music theory literary history & Art history to an extent relevant for teachers legal foundations and law for the profession of dance teachers video analysis & feedback communication praxis teaching (preparing and teaching classes, stage productions) management intensive summer week scientific research and presentation special topics of preventive dance medical Dance Pedagogy© and their connection with performance enhancement and injury prevention (excerpt:) science as the basis of dance training and education fitness in dance neuromuscular warm-up in dance motivation motivational climate breathing in dance pelvic floor and performance enhancement dance technique screening … and many more
  • Admission procedure
    To keep up the highest quality of education, the Academy accepts no more than 10 students. Submission of application documents, entrance examinations and aptitude interviews determine admission by the team. Please contact us and ask for the application documents:
  • Monthly costs
    October – January (term 1) and March – June (term 2): 390 € per month February: 240 € (intensive seminars and lecture blocks) summer-intensive-school: 390 € (excl. board and lodging, travel) Please contact our office for the full curriculum:

Check out what people say about our programs (Click on the pictures for the video feedback.):

Ivana Ho

“I use my knowledge from our lectures in practice every day! I am definitely more aware of my teaching style and methods. … Not only do I pay a huge attention to teaching details in dance technique, but I also analyse the way I approach various personalities and age groups inside the studio. … Judith-Elisa Kaufmann delivers her teachings with enormous passion for her “craft”. Her extensive knowledge is beneficial not only to us ballet pedagogues but also to all humans alike. I am looking forward to my next course with her and her never-ending excitement for life.”

Ivana Ho, BohemiaDanceProductions, Canada

“As ballet master it gave me an important introduction, on how to plan and structure the whole season, to enhance performances and prevent injuries in my dancers. It helps me to see more perspectives of the daily training, like introducing endurance training. … Judith-Elisa Kaufmann is standing for dance medicine. I appreciate her enthusiasm and persistent engagement, talking with her you perceive that she is burning for dance medicine. She offers her rich scientific and pedagogical knowledge that motivates her students thinking outside the box. Her passion for dance medicine is going together with the human support for her students.”

Leonardo Centi, Ballet Master, Italy

Mariia Ashizheva

“My name is Mariia and I participated in the course of dance medicine by Professor Kaufmann and I want to say that it was an amazing experience […] I recommend this course to all my friends who want to be teachers and all my friends that just dance – for themselves… it is so beneficial to know…”

Mariia Ashizheva, Dancer, Teacher, Germany & Russia

“It is great to know that there are people who work so hard to support dancers and also great to know that some of my previous thinking is in line with what Judith-Elisa Kaufmann is teaching! … Passion and knowledge … that’s what Judith-Elisa Kaufmann is. A great engaging and supportive human being and teacher! She is also very approachable, and you feel like she is there for you during the learning process. … I am a Principal dancer at the Semperoper Ballet, undergoing my transition from active dance career. I have danced professionally for more than 20 years. Now I am gaining even more knowledge that will help me to contribute in a better way not only to my life as a dancer but also to others with whom I will be working as a teacher later on.”

Anna Merkulova, Principal Dancer Semperoper Dresden, Germany

Carmen Deppé

„Ich habe mich sofort aufgefangen gefühlt und mich gleich auf einer Ebene gefühlt bei dir und mit euch. Und es war für mich die Erkenntnis, dass es richtig ist, was ich mache … durch die Fortbildung hier hat mich das total bestätigt. Ich fühle mich jetzt wieder so wohl in meinem Job … Ich kann so viel mitnehmen für die Praxis, wo ich lange den Blick nicht mehr dafür hatte … Jetzt hier habe ich gemerkt ich darf noch was lernen und kann noch was lernen … Die Anatomie … aber es ging um so viel mehr, die Psyche der Schüler … und all den Input. Es war eine Herzenssache und hat sich zur Herzenssache entwickelt. Und ich war sicher nicht zum letzten Mal hier!“ 

Carmen Deppé, Teacher, Artist, Choreographer, Germany

“Being introduced to dance medicine and preventive dance medical pedagogy have absolutely increased my knowledge I have collected over all these years dedicated to dance. It brought so much more understanding … it also made me question a lot, which was interesting to me… Judith-Elisa Kaufmann has a lot of power. She’s an incredible teacher concerning the enormous knowledge she brings and her communication skills. She’s able to pass on the scientific information clearly and at the same time she kindles everybody’s motivation. Also admirable is her extreme sensitivity in dealing with humans and their own individuality.”

Isis Calil de Albuquerque, Ballet Master Oper Ballet Leipzig, Germany

Marita Kokott

„Ich habe schon immer das Gefühl gehabt, ich möchte mehr wissen, ich möchte meinen Schülern mehr helfen, sie unterstützen können, auf jeden einzelnen eingehen können – und dann kam ich zu Us&OurBest© und genau das habe ich dort gelernt – natürlich rüber gebracht, sodass ich es in die Praxis umsetzen kann … Ich empfehle allen, das zu machen, weil man so viel lernen kann, für sich selbst, für seine Schüler, fürs ganze Leben so viel mitnehmen kann … Es ist ein super tolles Klima hier, man fühlt sich sofort wohl und aufgehoben, was ja so eine kleine Besonderheit ist ein bisschen in der Tanzwelt … Ihr werdet so viel mitnehmen!“

Marita Kokott, Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Germany

“I am head of studies in the Conservatoire of Dance in Valencia and artistic director of Valencia Endanza International Ballet School. The courses and lectures given by Judith-Elisa Kaufmann have been a turning point in my career as an educator. How to enrich the process of teaching young students with an anatomical, biomechanical, psychological and emotional perspective has made a big impact on my teaching philosophy: the awareness of our body as a tool, taking care of it and ensuring a healthy and respectful teaching practice … I could mention a lot of qualities of Ms Kaufmann’s teaching and sharing, but I must highlight her extraordinary professionality, the enormous knowledge about dance and medicine, the scientific approach that she offers, and last but not least, her enormous drive and love for sharing and teaching. A role model.”

Pilar Marti Murciano, Ballet Pedagogue, Artistic Director, Valencia, Spain

Xenia Hensch

„Für mich war Us&OurBest© eine komplett neue Welt. Auch wenn ich erst in die Tanzpädagogik neu rein steige – durch Corona war es so, dass ich mir lange überlegt habe, ob das überhaupt etwas ist, was ich für die Zukunft machen möchte und dann war auch die Motivation tatsächlich nicht mehr so da … Aber Us&OurBest© hat mir gezeigt, dass Tanzen und Tanzunterricht nicht nur Bewegung und Sport sind, sondern da so viel mehr mit rein spielt … dass jeder Schüler und auch der Lehrer zusammen ein großes Bild ergeben … Durch das Tanzmedizinische habe ich auch so extrem gesehen, wie individuell man arbeiten kann…“

Xenia Hensch, Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Germany

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